Team Building

One of the prime and paramount capability of a dynamic leader is to build an effective and strong team. Building a team isn’t a haphazard, run-of-the-mill task, instead its something on which future of a person or company depends. Team building needs a hawk eye with far and constructive vision.

In an organization, the progress demands the influx of talented and willing people. These people could be obtained from within the organization or from the outside. First start from your own house. Hire the people from within, who have shown their worth and are eager to move on. This could not only enhance their careers but also expedite the progress of overall company. You should always look within the organization before you consider external candidates. Reward employees who are actively developing their skills and are loyal to the company.

Another fishing technique, which could be so effective is to actively look for dynamic and bright contributers in the technical discussion forums on the web. Make a rapport with them, groom the nexus and convince them in a positive attitude to work with you.

For a small startup, nothing is as important as the small cluster of people making it. Success of startups solely depends upon the will, attitude, perseverance, skill and willingness of its people. If you are working with few brilliant people, you have got a big chance to be bought out by “Google” :).

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