Tariq Azizuddin Still Missing

The people who have abducted Pakistan envoy to Afghanistan are demanding the ransom of Rs.500 million and the release of their 10 men. These people kidnapped the Pakistani ambassador Tariq Azizuddin, when the ambassador was on his way to Kabul from Peshawar when kidnappers intercepted his official vehicle and snatched him and his driver and bodyguard. The vehicle hasn’t been recovered so far.

This is very tragic and very sad. Pakistan has done everything for the Talibans and is still facing the huge brunt due to patronizing them and there they are. They are not only coming to home to roost but also damaging the interest of Pakistan.

It is also learned that government of Pakistan has shown their inability to pay such a hefty amount and they have also told Talibans that they don’t have the prisoners of whom the release is demanded by the abductors.

It’s time that Pakistan play some game with it’s own products. Pakistan should decide once and for all to eliminate these elements from its tribal areas by any means.

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