Target killings in Karachi

I am amazed how the events of target killing in Karachi have gone unnoticed, especially in the last 1 week. On a daily basis sitting in Rawalpindi, one can only hear that 5 activists from(—–) party and 3 activists(—) from that party have left the world. But this is not some thing new, violence is always present in Karachi in one form or the other. Sometime the massacre is blamed on political grounds(12 May 2007) and when it matters, the simple culprit we get is the land mafia.

Though PM Gillani did wake up and was in the city yesterday, there is an overwhelming appeal that lets stop this thing once and for all, start a transparent judicial inquiry and hang the real culprit, once and for all, to make him an example for the coming times.

The petty politics have derived Karachi from becoming what it should have been, just look around and see Singapore, Dubai as the real port cities. Unfortunately, we in Pakistan realize very late. The establishment is the only culprit, for remaining a silent spectator all the way long.

No one disagrees that there can be a foreign hand in these bloody activities, but one thing is crystal clear that they have been provided the opportunity by us, not some aliens.

Its time to rise above the petty politics.

3 thoughts on “Target killings in Karachi”

  1. @mr lakhani
    i agree its next to impossible to clear the entire city, but they are operated by some network or organization,,this is what the real thing is,,to counter its the only solution to catch the big fish, else by looking around the bush,,nuthing will change

  2. An attempt was made by BB’s government to catch the criminals and to some extent it was successful. Unfortunately now everyone has weapons which are being used to kill. But how can you go into people’s houses to look for unlicensed arms? Perhaps strict checking of most suspicious vehicles can stop the killing.

  3. These incidents have become enigmatic for us. No explanation just appeals and appeals. Every body knows what is going but strangely no efforts and actions of the authorities.


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