Talks with Taliban

Central Amir of Tahrik-e-Taliban Baitullah Mehsud is now playing double game. At one side, he has threatened to burn the Pakistani cities of Karachi, Lahore and Peshawar, and on the other side he has resumed talks with the government. Baitullah Mehsud, the most wanted man in the tribal region is giving circuitous charge to the authorities, and now once again he is proving much better politician in these testing times.

The Khyber Agency operation is going on, and the hideouts of the militants are being blown up, while the local Talibans have also offered the talks, and they are already in hiding. In these times, the offer from the Baitullah Mehsud is very interesting, and should be taken seriously while taking all things in consideration.

Spokesman of Swat Tehrik-e-Taliban Haji Muslim Khan said we would carry on our efforts to maintain law and order situation in Swat and said his organization would welcome every positive step to bring peace in the area. Taliban simply want security forces to withdraw from the area.

These Taliban should understand the semantic of the writ of the government, and it’s implications and it’s reach. They should understand as soon as possible, that they cannot be made the masters of that area without any government intervention.

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