Talibanization in Sindh

Zulfiqar Mirza, Sindh’s Home Minister has stated that he saw no threat of Talibanization in Karachi or in the Province. He opposed the statements and press conference of Mutahida Qomi Movement (MQM) regarding there statements. While addressing a pres conference he said, the government has found no evidence anywhere in the province regarding Talibanization. He added that religious education was in course provided to the student within the mosques and it cannot be termed illegal or a threat for Karachi.

While answering a question regarding Umme- Hassan’s visit to Karachi he said that she is a respectable citizen of Pakistan and as she did condemn Lal masjid operation, she never initiated a suicide attack. Zulfiqar Mirza also mentioned in his press conference that as MQM has said that they have brought this issue in governments notice but it is not him who has been informed.

5 thoughts on “Talibanization in Sindh”

  1. When giving a comment a suggestion or advice one must stay neutral. Any comment or an advice that has a political, ethnic or religious partiality in it can never convince any one.
    Talibanisation is a fact in karachi, kidnapping and killing of Daniel pearl, Police encounter in DHA phase 2 ext with Alqaida terrorists, sactarian killing, attacks on mosques and imambargah, suicide attack of Nishter park, series of blast near PACC, Suicide attack on Sheraton hotel and 18 th october suicide attack on Mohterma Shaheed Bibi are few of the long list to prove.
    One may disagree with the scale,intensity and spread of Taliban as MQM is claiming but can not disagree with there presence.
    All the ground realities and what is happening around in Karachi, specially on exit or entry point of karachi is more than enough as an eye opener.
    Let’s accept reality before its too late.

  2. I remember Western Journalist Emma Dickson who once wrote that the price of most Pakistan adminstartive officlas is a bottle of wine or a pretty white skin lady. It seems ruling elites both politians and military generals have recived thier price. Otherwise every problem have a solution. Such none sence statements “Talibanisation” clearly signals the propagation foreign agenda. I only say one thing , man proposes and God dispossess.


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