Taliban Still Want Peace

Peace talks are halted and the peace process is in limbo. Tehrik-e-Taliban says that the provincial and federal governments are not honest and serious in the talks and they are playing in the hands of the foreign powers.

ANP Chief Asfandyar Wali has also gone quiet and he is not anymore uttering big things from his big mouth. He has also perhaps gone towards expediency, and as far as ANP is concerned it only seems to be interested in the rule of power, and nothing else, and it has got little clout and courage to tackle the United States pressure.

Asif Ali Zardari also reconciliates where the masters in Washington directs. He went on to mend his ways with the Pervez Musharraf and he went on to mend ways with the nationalist parties of Balochistan and then he went on to mend ways with the MQM. But he never ever have even tried to mend ways with the people in FATA. That is because masters don’t want that.

The respite nation got when suicide bombings stopped was very relieving and despite of the storm of price hike and load-shedding, nation was very relieved and it welcomes the peace process through dialogue in the FATA by the new government, but now the new government has once again adopted the previous policy.

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