Taliban resolving a dispute in Mohmand agency

One of the reasons provided for emergence of Taliban in Khyber agency and Swat has been narrated as that the locals of these regions were not satiated with the justice system introduced after 1969. Thus, locals began to support the group that supported enforcement of old justice system.

It is reported that Taliban in Mohmand agency have settled a long lasting dispute amid Masud and Gurbaz, the sub-tribes of this agency. The dispute was over the distribution of mining rights of Ziarat marble amongst these sub-tribes. The five years old contention had caused billion of rupees loss to the local contractors and the government. Local contractors affiliated with this business reported that government had failed to settle the conflict but with the mediation of local Taliban, the issue was resolved.

A marble contractor, Noor Hashim told the reporters that the dispute caused loss of Rs.15 million everyday. He added, “After resolution, the business activities are once again gaining momentum in Ziarat marble quarry and a number of people have got employed.” Super White and White Grey marble are the most highly demanded and priced kinds of marble, used in decorative floors in various cities like Lahore, Karachi, Hyderabad and were exported to UAE, UK and other Arab countries, he said. Noor said, “We supply raw material and slabs to Islamabad and Karachi for polishing, sizing and packing for export.” He said, the contractors used to pay Rs.600 per truck to the political administration and Rs.1200 to the FDA, but due to the discord among the sub-tribes, the tax payment was halted.

Another contractor said it is a positive step taken by the local Taliban to resolve a long lasting dispute, which not only revived the local business but also benefited the government that earlier had degenerated to settle the matter. With this event, business activities in the Mohmand Agency are gaining propulsion despite the fact that this area was a hot hub of militant activities since past few months.

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  2. At least the Taliban sometimes make people happy! Unlike our government, which is highly corrupt, the Taliban have the capacity to impose law and order, but the conditions they impose are unacceptable.


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