Taliban do Justice

Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and Ulema Council has won the hearts of people in the tribal areas by shooting and hanging the kidnappers. Two members of Sikh community were kidnapped in Dowaba area in Hangu district.

Talibans were approached in this matter and they did the justice. They chased the culprits and fought with them. Talibans lost their own men during the fight and many of their vehicles but managed to free the sikhs. The TTP and jirga members took the kidnapped victims, identified as Attar Singh and Sehra Singh, to their homes safely after winning their release from the captors.

Talibans have shot one culprit and have decided to hang the rest of them tomorrow morning in front of the public. This is the instant justice. Only if the law in Pakistan could be that swift, transparent and easily accessible.

2 thoughts on “Taliban do Justice”

  1. Wish same system is implemented in Karachi as well. We need public execution of corrupt people on roads of Karachi to make this city a living place.


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