Taliban Also Deadlocked

Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan has announced a unilateral withdrawal from the peace pact which it struck with the government just couple of days ago. In this truce, both sides agreed on the no-fire policy and on the gradual return of Army from the FATA area. In return Taliban announced the no-attack policy on the security forces and for that they gave their word to the negotiating jirga.

But alas due to the United States pressure, these negotiations are once again deadlocked. Pakistan People’s Party has got way too much to return to United States and the Musharraf and they cannot even budge without their will.

Whether it’s the matter of judiciary or its the matter of war on terror, the former policies of PML-Q are carried on. There is no change in other crisis, and the foreign policies are there. President is there, and the attorney general is there. Everything is as same as before. No change whatsoever. If PML-N wants to save it’s future and really wants to do any service without vested interest to this country then it has to leave PDA this moment.

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