Taking Labor from Children

Poverty is a nuisance that gives rise to a lot of other problems that are unavoidable. Child labor is one of its consequences.

In Pakistan it is seen much. The children work to earn survival for themselves and their families and are paid very less. Like every child they also have desires to study, play and enjoy life but they cannot. The work conditions are severe which do not let the proper mental and physical development of the child and so many children lead a life of deprivation.

The children are seen at hotels, workshops, and in offices. Many work at mines and factories which is extremely hazardous. Most commonly, the children are seen working at homes.

The dilemma is that, the parents wish to give everything to their children and for their luxury they employ any child to perform the chores. The question is that that is it fair to think like that?

6 thoughts on “Taking Labor from Children”

  1. @ Yusha: “The children want to get employed themselves.” You must be joking. No child wants to work, children are supposed to have fun while growing up (even in those places where they can’t get an education).

  2. Once I saw two child servants in a house in Egypt. When I asked the hostess why she had employed the children, she said they would never be able to survive on what their parents earned. Something similar is happening in the subcontinent. Most couples who have migrated to the cities from the rural areas have eight to ten children (sometimes even more), so they force their children to work.

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