Take light – control your anger

Anger is danger, if we don’t have control over it, it can drag us into many unwanted situations, weird spontaneous but unconscious reactions with others, slip of tongue etc, we end up saying what we regret later and feeling mad at ourselves for being out of control. A person ought to have control over anger just like other emotions. Though it’s difficult to control your self in irritating situations but still be patience and calm and try to avoid situations which can blow your head off! The best remedy is to channelize it in other ways which require physical stamina.

Many things can be triggers for anger each day. If you have a rough encounter with a co-worker, tension with a family member or a difficult phone call this can create stress. It weakens one just as germs can make one vulnerable to an illness.

You don’t do anyone any favors when you express your anger while driving. It only makes you a hazard on the road plus it makes other people feel they also can vent and be childish. People react to the level of consciousness that is around them.

In the midst of driving if you see someone that is hitting the steering wheel, furiously honking or giving someone the finger don’t feed their rage but ignore them. You don’t want to antagonize someone more especially because their poor driving can impact lives. Realize that they are stuck in issues they don’t have insight into and have compassion instead.

The science of anger management enables someone to learn ways to stay calm in the midst of rough situations. Breathing, relaxation and visualization all are means to not be a yo-yo going up and down. There are ways to master your mind and emotions so you don’t just act like a leaf in the wind.

What is wonderful is that these skills can be implemented in many situations such as traffic jams, waiting on line, dealing with a difficult boss or having a challenging family situation. It does take practice but it is rewarding as you feel this new calmness enter into many aspects of your life instead of distress or rage. Winning back your self and your freedom is a terrific gift.

Sure you may slip a little or fall into reactions, but your intention to master yourself is the key. Often the roots and seeds are from our childhood and we have gotten stuck in old patterns. Remember these can be transcended and you can find true relief from past behaviors.

2 thoughts on “Take light – control your anger”

  1. Brother Atif,

    I had been in your position once and now alhamdullilah i control my anger, my anger does not control me. The root of anger is pride. This is the problem. Solution has 2 parts.

    1. Thinking of others as better then you – just keep in mind that whatever you can do, someone else can do better. Whether it is sports, studying , worship , whatever.

    2. Cleaning – Mainly dirty dishes and your toilet ( daily)

    If your anger does not go away after doing these things hold my gireban on the day of judgement

  2. aslaam alulikaam am atif i get mad quick lose and flip everytime with family and where i work also relatives every thing seems diffigult to me am 19 and losing it please help me .


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