Syed Noor and Saima

I have never been smart enough to understand the off-the-screen spice-ful happenings. I found myself gaping like a crow, when I heard on television, that film-actress Saima has confessed that she had married the renowned film producer Syed Noor some two years ago. I do remember that, some years ago, the rumors were iron-hot that both of the above stars have tied themselves in legal love-bond, but both of them have denied it categorically in public.

Now when, even the rumors have finished along with the film career of Saima, she has revealed this ‘great’ truth to media, while shying and coying. She also added that, now she is only for ‘Shah Jee’, and will go about her life, as he would direct. Previously she was dancing on his direction, now she will spend her life on his direction, so there shouldn’t be any difficulty. Shah Jee is also a very thorough gentleman, and very broad minded, otherwise why he would marry Saima?

In this era of glamour and showbiz, the showbiz workers are a unique creature. Their lives are open and always in the spotlight, so this news of Saima/Noor marriage has produced some ripples in the scene, and everyone is giving his opinion on this, so if you are thinking why I blogged about it, I just described the reason.

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  1. The” Syed Noor” family is like my second family. To me his daughters are the sisters I never had. It’s very easy to go around and comment regarding matters you have no idea about. Unless you are in the situation yourself you can never feel or see things like you are expected to. I, you or anyone has no right whatsoever to interfere in anybody else’s personal life or judge if and what is wrong and what is right, no one but Allah. I would not like to comment on what Mr. Noor did or did not do but yes, according to our religion whatever he is doing is correct. He did not abandon his family. He has been gratifying his duties like he is suppose to according to Islam so nothing else matters.
    Mrs Ruksana is one of the most incredible, strong, keen and hard working woman I have ever seen in my life. She inspires me. I salute her for being who she is and how she raised her daughters. Like it has been seen and heard, the children from the “stardom” family are spoiled, blemished and all over the place but Syed Noor’s children, her daughters in particular are the perfect example of how a woman/girl should be like, represent themselves and behave. I mean it’s not like his daughter is my best friend so I’m trying to take her side or defend her honor but maybe all those people who commented above should go do a little research if they are so interested in “their” life. They will find their answers. Never have we heard about any controversies related to any of the family member so maybe that should be enough.

  2. Asalaam O Alikum,

    I know this thread is old now and a lot of the contributors would not be able to read it but it is my duty as a responsible individual and Syed Noor’s daughter to address these baseless and might I add rather rude comments. Since this is a free country and everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, I wouldn’t try, and reason with Mr. Zeeshan, Ms. Tina, Mr. Hadi and Mr. M. Akram. I wouldn’t sugarcoat it for anyone and blatantly admit that my father’s second marriage was rather distressing; but at the same time I cannot hold my father accountable for his actions because whatever he did was religiously correct. My father is an admirable man because he has successfully brought up three daughters and a son. He has nourished, cherished and worked tirelessly to provide all of us with a good and comfortable life. Therefore, I don’t think it is anybody’s place to question him, because according to Islam, he didn’t do anything wrong. I would actually commend my father for being man enough to accept Saima, and not live in secret.

    As for Ms. Noor, I unfortunately know extremely well who you are. I wouldn’t stoop to your level and start dishing out false stories about an individual’s family. Not only were you extremely disrespectful towards my family, but also you had the nerve to say the most hideous and untrue stories about my mother. My mother is perhaps the most wonderful person that I know. I don’t say this because she is my mother, but because I have over the passage of time come to admire her as a woman of strength and vigour. She was a great journalist, a job she gave up to raise her children, which shows that contrary to the opinion of Ms. Noor, my mother has neither been a social butterfly or a negligent mother. All these raving opinions you have fabricated Ms. Noor, give me evidence of its truth! How dare you accuse my mother of deserving what she got! Rukhsana Noor has been many things to our family over the last 26 years – she has been a muse, a nurturer and wonderful wife to her husband, a mother figure for her husband’s siblings, and a precious gift, perhaps even a miracle for all of us – her children. My elder sister, who you accuse of running off to America because of her “alleged” boyfriend, is a scientist! She went abroad to fulfil the dreams of our family. She is like the older brother we never had. She had the courage and strength to leave everything behind, her friends, her life and her family, to go abroad and receive the best education in order to provide and protect our family. She is a Biotechnology graduate, working at Stanford University as one of the select members of the Social Science Research. I am not going to digress any further! I just want to tell you one thing, and one thing only Ms. Noor/Bushra, that whatever goes around, comes around – it is called Karma. Before you start accusing and ridiculing any family’s women, fear the wrath of your Lord, who hates liars and people who do not respect or value the sacredness of humanity. I just hope and pray that Allah gives you guidance to follow the right path.

  3. madam Noor before you talk you need to know the family. syed noor had afeir long time ago. if he was not intersted in his wife he wouldn’t go ahed and have son with her. so if you dont know the family dont need to talk shit.

  4. what he did was not wrong. i have known the family too long/ His wife had always travel without him plus his oldest daughter left pakistan and went to live with her boy friend whom she got merry in Jan. 2009 and his daughter whom he can not control and his wife who is always out of house come at 3am n does tea party with girls. So what you think he should have done? Plus his wife knew it all, he even told her and she accepted it. She just ask that don’t divorce me. after all he merry whom he love and what he didnt see in his first wife he got it from second wife.

  5. Their affair was obvious for past two years. Who else could pay much attention to such a heavy heroine and cast in movie other than some blind lover?

  6. I think it pathetic. Syed noor is already married with Rushana Noor and already has daughter.

    He should had been taking interest in his Wife and Daughter instead of Saima.


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