Sweat and Blood of Organization

There are many reasons to let database administrators work the way they want to work. Today they work in every industry. They are the knowledge base, blood and sweat equity of many businesses. They work harder than most. They work longer than most. Their job isn’t a separate thing they do while they look forward to going home and relaxing. Database administrators live what they do. They eat, sleep and breathe it. They are your systems administrators, your IT team, your script-programmers, your trouble shooters, your designers… and sometimes even your customer service and sales people. Anyone who understands how to leverage todays technology to increase intelligence, productivity and efficiency; anyone who stays up nights working to get better at what they do; anyone whose job is their life – is a database administrators. These are the most important asset your company has. For this reason, its important to give database administrators what they want. Best part is, if you do, they most likely will not leave your company to work for someone who will.

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