Swat : Time is Running Out

Paradise is burning; Eden is lost. Swat, which was once a place of complete bliss and delight and peace, is now a place of smoke, beheaded corpses, and bombings. Swat is still awesome. Swat still has those majestic peaks, Rolling Meadows, sparkling falls, and singing pines, but the serenity and tranquility has vanished and has been replaced by weeping, migrating people and blazing guns.

It’s clear that security forces won’t budge, and sooner or later they will get the control of the hideouts of militants in Swat, but up till that time lots of Muslims would have died, lots of families would have displaced and Swat would never be same again. Maulana Fazlullah, why don’t you show some sensibility and save the Muslims from dying and destructing themselves? What exactly he thinks he is doing?

He has setup 5000 armed militants in the Malakund agency. They are attacking military convoys, they are attacking security forces, they have seized a large area in Swat and practically ruling there, they have killed policemen and have beheaded people and have displayed their bodies in the markets and they are running their own FM radios and urging people to join them. They are simply not listening to the reason.

Time is running out very fast and point of no return is almost there. Maulana Fazlullah should use this time will to negotiate, and stop issuing senseless threats. He really owes this to the people of Swat and suburbs. He should learn from Lal Masjid. He should know that now there is no education of Islam emanating from Lal Masjid, Jamia Hafsa or Jamia Faridia. He should realize the might of government and the plight of people. He should carry on his message with peaceful means.

By adopting violent means, Maulana Fazlullah and his companions aren’t servicing Islam or Pakistan. It is also reported that RAW agents are also there, and they were mainly responsible for the be-headedness of security officials. Pakistani security agencies have also caught some Indian agents in the Swat region with explosives in the attire of Taliban. Maulana should realize that he is being exploited by the enemies of Islam and Pakistan. Time is running out for everyone.

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  1. the topic poster seems to be apologetic towards mullah fazulullah as is he is some misunderstood person who means well.
    the mans a thug. he is a warlord, carrying out crimes in the name of islam. just like all of the taliban. they know exactly what they are doing. they know the consiquences of their actions. they are dangerous power hundry people who want to rule over our country and plunder its resources and use religion to keep us in a state of backward ignorance and isolation so that we as downtrodden their subjects wouldnt spreak out against them.

    they are the enemies of order and acording to my understanding of islam they must be either stopped or wiped out for spreading ignorance, anarchy and chaos(fasad).

  2. I agree with u Indian, chickens have atlast come to roost. peopel who created taliban, the Jaishs, the lashkars and the sipahs, are now struggling to get rid of the frankstien they created. Its a common thing for Pakistanis to blame others for their own mess. RAW and US are two favrites in this list. May ask u fahd where did u get all this info from as far as i know (i also belong to Swat lemme make this clear first) no official reports are there abt the arrest of RAW personnel. One more thing u still havnt explained the visist of Mr. Ameer Muqam and his lofty words for the Mullah.

  3. India is supporting the Afghan govt against the Taliban. We are not fools to risk our ppls lives by joining primitive idiots like Taliban. Your govt is lying to save face. India has nothing to do with Pak’s present problems. What is happening in Pakistan today is as a result of chickens coming home to roost.

  4. Indian: Perhaps you would like to read the post once again. I never said that militants in Swat have joined hands with RAW. They would never do so. It’s just that Indians are trying to mingle with them by posing as Talibans. Many RAW agents have also been arrested.


  5. Fahd,
    Do u really believe that Islamists would join hands with India’s RAW who are Hindus to attack fellow Muslims? And if it is true then dont u think RAW has more success than ISI could manage in India in all these years.


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