Swat Recoils

Very rapidly things are getting out of hand in Swat region, and the danger is that the fire could spread to other parts of NWFP which is highly inflammable and which is already cracked by the suicide attacks and bomb blasts.

The interim government in NWFP of Shams-ul-Mulk is not only supporting the operation in Swat, but also calling for the maximum stringent action just to please the federal government and to entice the attention of NATO forces in the neighboring Afghanistan. Nobody really cares about the aspiration of the people of Malakund division and of the rest of Pakistan. Nobody supports the operation anywhere in the country and nobody approves of our own army operating upon our own people.

People are angry with Army because of such operations in Balochistan, Waziristan, Swat and Islamabad. This is breeding tension, frustration and anger among the populace. Its not the solution. Once the former chief minister NWFP, Akram Khan Durrani supported the use of force in Waziristan during the meeting of National Security Council, but then he realized the ground realities and retracted from his earlier stance, but it was no use then.

So the current Chief Minister should not repeat that mistake and try to solve the matters in Swat with wisdom, hindsight, and foresight. Our Army doesn’t want to kill their own brethren, and the local Talibans doesn’t want to kill their own brothers in Army, so why then these clashes and bloody confrontations? Now there are confirmed reports that external hands are aggravating the situation in Swat area.

According to a news, some RAW agents have been captured in Swat area who were in the disguise of Taliban, and they were planning to launch a bloody attack on the security forces. They were also doing the reporting for some of the Indian channels giving them scoop after scoop, and Pakistani media was amazed at that, but not any more. So, CM of NWFP should do something worthwhile in his short glory, and call upon a grand Jirga to reconciliate between Maulana Fazlullah and the security forces.

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