Swat Keeps on Smouldering

The situation in FATA, Peshawar and Darra is as volatile as ever, but the situation in Swat is silently going out of hand, and there is no writ of the government in the area whatsoever. During the 62 years of Pakistan’s life, this is the first time that our whole state of Swat is governed by nobody. Locals are living in hell, and the terrorism is dancing with full brazen.

Killings, kidnapping, ransom, robbing, blasting and threats are what makes the situation in Swat. Some unknown persons set on fire further two snooker clubs at Mingora area here, of them, the roof of one of the snooker clubs came crashing and killed one watchman, while one snooker club was also torched at Matta, where some unidentified persons blown up the link bridge as well causing partial damage to the bridge, however, no loss of life was reported.

The defense minister says that they are trying their best, but they cannot stop the suicide attacks and the activities of the terrorists. People of Swat are fleeing the area, there is no business, there are no jobs and there is no tourism. Government is also doing nothing and it seems that Swat has gone to the terrorists.

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