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Mountains of Swat, the beautiful valley of our adorable country, are shrieking for peace as the conditions of swat are changing from bad to worse. The incident of flogging has startled the entire nation. In this situation one can wonder the condition of people abiding there in Swat? And therefore it can be apprehended that the impact of current situation will last for years to come.

Taliban have transformed the land of this precious valley into a battle field. As they have already refused to lay down their arms as part of a deal that included the introduction of Shariah law, the consequences and repercussions will be visible soon in form of extending their activities into other areas. Taliban have taken custody of the mines of Emerald. If such types of fearful acts beef up in Swat, Taliban will also push in the areas out of Swat.

And in order to get rid of such malicious acts, change in policy is need of the time which should be based on national interest and not any kind of political interest. The ongoing war affected the beauty of the area by large. Locals keep on recalling the incidents when they pass by a torn apart home or street.

In my opinion if government will not take accurate steps soon Taliban will mash this beautiful valley by implementing their Shariah which only aims at brutality. If the situation prevails the same way for some more span of time it is an eminent fact that Pakistan in general and Swat in particular will turn into 1980’s Afghanistan.

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  1. 4. The reason of public support has also been told in my post “why locals support Taliban?” Reason for that large gathering has been to keep them up to date. See it is not the army who takes decisions to fight or not. It is the government taking the decision. And you would have heard this phrase many times during the reinstatement of chief justice issue, that he too is a human and not angle, consequently ANP got is also a bunch of humans and their decisions can be based on self interests, outside pressures, short term inception of peace and to create some space to make a plan.

  2. 3. Well, gifting a weapon is a tradition. Secondly, the tactics used by Taliban has been so friendly initially that local people granted them all their weaknesses. Tell me if you are an unemployed person and you are granted a gun, handsome money and respect within your circle; will not you take it without thinking. Same has happened in Swat, this is why under development and unemployment are called a curse. These are mere tools that give rise to corruption and militant activities. Now that it is the locals too that have turned Taliban or the others who are so scared to lose their already half killed families, rise against them is out of question. I mean if you too are very brave and everything but you began watching 4-5 dead bodies hanged on tress at every dawn, will you think to fight against them with your family/woman/daughters living in that area.

  3. tonight i was hearing from a news chanel that a woman which is belonging from balochistan ,she was saying that pakistan had occupied us from since 1948. when i hear this i was shoked and get knowledge about that how much the condition in balochistan is serious about, our polititians have to decide now about balochistan otherwise it wil be seen that balochistan is also just like bnagladesh skip out from our hands ,

  4. Ms Kazmi!
    its wonderful to read your ideas, and in my humble capacity I must say that you do have a deep insight into the affairs especially of Swat.
    I have been looking for a few answers regarding Swat, and I hope you can answer them for me.

    1) The army did fought extensively, and its open that they suffered badly. From there body language it was evident that the local support for Taliban was immense, because in tactical guerilla warfare you cannot win without public support?

    2) The incident of flogging is highly regretable and no sane person is in support of that. But I did read at many places that the vary guy who was holding her by the hairs was her own brother? So what you say regarding this.

    3) We are talking about Tribal Pakhtuns and Swatis. This is a race so agressive that in Punjab we give our child a toy as his birthday present, they honour him with an AK-47. Right. So how come these noble people could not rise against merely a thousand Taliban.

    4) The recent adress by Maulana Sufi Mohammad had a gathering,both in numbers and discipline, yet to be seen somewhere else. If that is not public support, what is this. The policy makers in Islamabad are puzzled, because if Musharaff kills Bugti on personal reason, the wrath is faced by Punjab. In this case what can we draw. Will army be again an uninvited guest?


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