Swat IDPs survive on food ‘cows won’t eat’

t1port.pakistan.afp.gi.jpg The volatile situation in the North West Frontier Province (NWFP) in Pakistan continues to bring increasing number of displacements each day.

So far 27 camps in six different districts have been set up to give temporary shelter for people fleeing the violence. Still there are many people remaining in the conflict areas, trapped due to insecurity and strict curfews, preventing people from leaving their homes and giving them limited access to food, water and the possibility to seek emergency medical care.

The IDPs are now living in a city of plastic and canvas, one of them is Jalozai Camp Peshawar, which is accommodating around a million of refugees and there are efforts for enlarging the camp city as the coming influx seems to be never ending. Despite of various psychological and physical disorders, people are also suffering from improper food supply.

CNN reports that refugees of this camp are forced to eat the provided food as they are unable to buy food for them selves. They make bread with flour handed out by the United Nations, but they say it’s not enough. “It’s very difficult, there’s lots of jostling,” says Mehboob Shah, a man at the camp. When there is food, he says, “it’s very poor quality — even the cows won’t eat it.”

The complains are coming frequently and international media is there to make a news every minute.

3 thoughts on “Swat IDPs survive on food ‘cows won’t eat’”

  1. sir i am idps of swat pakistan i am student of university my father is a buisness man but his buiness has destroyed from 3months ago now he is free the reason is that that i cannot complete my study because i need money any one help me that my study still continious plz plz plz

  2. I had been to Behrain, Mingora of Swat in 2007. There people are most friendly, simple and honest in the world. It was very beautiful place. I was plan to go back for an other holiday too. I love the place and the people from there.
    Now I can’t image….. the people, the montain,the river. I am very sorry …….. and I stil can’t beleave that the porblam having in there, and how can that happen……….

  3. There is one very important issue that needs to be addresses with as much diligence as we imply regarding asking for donations. We need to make people understand that their money and other donations will reavh the right hands. I come across numerous camps set on roadsides and markets all asking for aid for the swat dislocation camp residents. While the men women and children in the concentration camps are spending hungry nights on the burning summer ground, the people living comfortable lives in the cities are either too engrossed in their own little world of insignificant little miserable cribbing and complaining pass the rekeif camps and do not even turn to look. If you ask them the reason behindbtheir insensitivity they will surely tell you tha they have a strong distrust of the people colecting the cash and aids. All such camps should provide accountability for the cash they have received and make their accounts transparent so that not onky the trust of peoplr could be restore but also so that the people who need our help desperately may receive the much awaited releif.


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