Swat Extends Restiveness

Maulana Fazlullah is still very much active in the Swat region, and the operation which was carried out in Swat last year seems to be wearing out, as the militants are once again gaining power in the region, and their connection with the Baitullah Mehsud’s outfit of Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan is also getting stronger, and on numerous occasions both have shown solidarity with each other.

The use of FM radios and the loud speakers have started again, and though the security officials and the local administration has taken some rudimentary actions in that regard, but the thing is that a concerted effort is needed, as another full scale operation would only hamper the peace and the rest of the people of that area.

The tourist season in the Swat area is as tasteless and bland as anything and there is no chance that this year the people of Swat would get any relief as most of them depend upon the tourism industry for their livelihood.

Government could help in that regard but compensating the people of Swat, and also by ensuring the peace in the area.

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