Swat Bomb Blast During Polling

It didn’t require the mind of Einstein to guess that the terrorists will do everything to sabotage the electoral process in the restive Swat region. These terrorists consider themselves the owner of the Swat and the rulers and they think that the people are their population and hence they never liked the idea of state-sponsored elections in the valley.

But nothing serious was done to stop these militants and they struck their evil. The failure of the provincial ANP government and the PPP federal government has led people to distrust them and now they are finding themselves once again compelled either to put their trust in the militants or in the hands of religious parties.

The total number of registered voters in the constituency is 290,460 of which 78,539 were polled in the February 2008 general elections. The leaders and workers of the Jamaat were confident of securing victory, claiming that the people were fed up with the 10-month performance of the ANP government.

Political pundits had predicted a neck-and-neck contest between the Awami National Party and the Jamaat-e-Islami in the by-election. But the JI candidate is leading by far.

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