Survival of Mediocre

In any organizations, there are three kinds of people; Stars, Mediocre and Losers. Stars are those who drive the organization. Who innovate and upon which the organization thrives. Mediocre, love the status quo and remain stay put. Losers, just can’t sustain it and get fade out of the scene.

Mediocre cadre, is from whom any organization should get rid of. They are the obstacles in the path of progress. They are enemies of change and progress. Mediocre, who are neither losers nor stars, they are, well, stuck in the middle with a certain security and have slid into bozosity quietly with the masses. Sometimes they think they are mobile and ready to adapt to all situations, but when push comes to shove they will stay in the herd. This promotes a mentality which is difficult to rise above. Not impossible but a little like dragging a tyre out of molasses.

Too often technology and non-technology companies forget that incremental development is not the same as sustaining the course of path. Its the deviation from the normal, which provides the break-through and alters the course. Remember that people are the heart of your business. You make something they like and you have yourself a market. Keep people at the centre of your innovation cycle and make sure they are there from the beginning. Then everyone you touch will have a good story to tell that is just about YOU.

But Survival of mediocre depends upon the condition of staying point. If the state of affairs just drags on, and the blind daily routines, standard operating procedures of last century, just carries on repeating, survival of mediocre thrives. With innovation and change, mediocre either just dies his own death or better changes with the change.

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