Sure Disaster

If we are the front line ally of United States then they must appreciate the continuing efforts that Pakistan is making to fight terror and militancy. They should also appreciate the fact that just due to the US war, Pakistan is at the verge of bankruptcy and the whole country is burning and the instability and uncertainty has become a norm and the nation is very much frustrated and wants to get out of this mire situation.

Terrorism is a matter of global concern as it is for Pakistan. Pakistan has faced a lot of difficulties due to its frontline role in the war against terror and is still passing through a difficult phase, but it seems that the world wants Pakistan to take all the brunt and even then they suspect Pakistan’s role. Pakistan is making and remaking the strategies to combat the terrorism, but the attacks of US drones on FATA wipe all efforts out.

Governments all around the world need to support the need to incorporate political and economic means besides security measures to confront the challenges of terrorism in Afghanistan and to backup the Pakistani efforts. They should understand Pakistani government’s domestic priorities and the concrete measures it has taken to meet the various challenges facing the country, including the multi-pronged strategy in the fight against terrorism, which was effective, was delivering results and had political and public ownership.

A weak Pakistan is a recipe of disaster for the world.

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