Supporters a.k.a Sub-humans

Though the customer support isn’t in much vogue in Pakistan, but the treatment with support personal is same as anywhere where the customer support is the norm.

Customers inquiring about some problem or feature about the product or service they purchased often forget that the person on other side of phone/email/etc is also human and has got some sort of dignity and some finite level of passions.

Of course, you are outrage that the promised feature of your product isn’t working or you are unable to figure out that intuitive DIY mode. Its equally understandable that you have parted with a reasonable sum of money as to also acquire the product support and now you are entitled to some fabulous and prompt support.

But of course, its also to be remembered that you have purchased the support, not the support girl or boy. You have every right to show your anger if something doesn’t work, but the anger should be directed at the product or service in question, not at the support person. Now what if the support is really pathetic and languid or simply outright defiant? Then you have got endless means to spotlight the wretched support of that company all over the world. You can either blog about it, or podcast it, or you-tubed it, or simply broadcast in the forums. In this age, where everybody Googles out the product or service before making a purchase, any negative statement by a burnt customer could do irreparable damage to the credibility of that company.

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