Suicide Bombing at Orakzai Agency: Jirgas Should Not Deter

It’s a good move by the security forces under the guidance of the intelligence agencies to steer and formulate and support the local population to unify their forces and to form jirgas to curb the terrorism and also push out the Talibans from the area to ensure the peace in the region.

But Talibans are not for the peace and they even targeted the jirgas. In a recent such incident in the Orakzai Agency, a suicide bom bomber struck. The suicide attacker blew himself up at a Jirga meeting which was in progress in Adezai area of Orakzai Agency on Friday. The purpose of the meeting was to form a tribal Lashkar for ensuring a clampdown on terrorist activities.

The Orakzai agency is situated in between the restive Swat region and the Bajaur agency and it acts as a buffer zone for the militants. This agency is the least affected, but now has become the refuge for the fleeing militants, and that is why they attacked the jirga aimed at expelling these militants.

Security forces must support the jirgas and the tribal elders in these testing times.

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