Suicide Bombers from Pakistan

pakistan terrorismSuicide bombing is a phenomena Pakistanis have become accustomed to in the last few years, and unfortunately it seems that the curse is far from over.

At their onset around 2005, security forces were taken by surprise naturally and it was understandable that it will take time before a strategy is evolved to counter this evil practice. But somehow with time instead of learning from the leads, our anti terror experts and security agencies  are seen standing on “ground zero” when it comes to countering this wave of death.

The recent episode of triple suicide bombing at a shrine in DG Khan was no less than an eye opener for those, who claimed that we are moving in the right direction when it comes to countering terror wave in Pakistan. In a rare incident, one suicide bomber was caught alive following malfunction of his suicide vest. The bomber, a  young boy has enough info to move in the right direction, keeping in view if someone out there feels the need of it at 1st place. The bomber in his interview later with the media, clearly had no clue about the episode he planned to unleash, but on the other hand the information he shared was highly depressing.

According to the details quoted by different sources, he was a student of 8th class when he was approached by the “ Merchants of Death”, Tehreek e Taliban. He was systematically molded to come to the real path leading to paradise, instead of wasting his life on worldly affairs. After his consent, he was transferred to the “suicide camps” in North Waziristan, where he was trained close to the Afghan border. In his version the bombers included national from Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Afghanistan along with Pakistanis, while they numbered upto 350, embarking on the training of “death”. Some version claimed that the bomber himself lost his father in an attack in Karachi, while he was told that he would be attacking target in Afghanistan, which he found out to be wrong at the 11th hour.

With this Intel in mind, its time to break down what we have with us. I have been to many forums where the debate was to seek the real driving force behind the suicider embarking on this evil mission. Many times I was surprised that an overwhelming conclusion pointed toward money and benefits being termed as the bribe for young boys launching these missions. No doubt money, mostly from our “external well wishers” keeps this bloody trade rolling, but it isn’t the fuel for the bomber.

As proved in this case, the mastermind are shopping for vulnerable boys, in the name of Jihad and Janna. The fragile minds are turned into living bombs, and are well trained before launching them. Being a developing country, there is no supply shortage of young bodies dejected from their social and future orientation. Once spotted, it takes small effort from evil but genius masterminds to brain wash them and turn them against humans and humanity.

 The 2nd element remains the “nurseries of deaths”, operating in the tribal belt close to Afghan border where they are trained. Logically, they are run by a well organized team which feed them with this propaganda and give them the vision of thinking on a single, but deadly track. In past during operation in South Waziristan, I was shocked to see documentary evidence of one of these facility. The walls were painted with different images and Ayats glorifying “Fidayeen” and their action, along with a vision of paradise awaiting them after their action. In a very careful manner, they are given the dose of false glory, and once they have acquired the “diploma of death”, they are nothing less than a wandering “”torpedo” awaiting target.

The last phase is their handler. This one is the most trouble some part. These men, from till now little known connections, help them slip to the target along with explosives and then it is all that we see on media screens… massacre of innocent.

Earlier I wrote somewhere that metal detector, walk through gates and other rubbish is just an eye wash. War against suicide bomber is lost when emphasis has been paid to the last phase, which is these gadgets instead of the nurseries producing them in dozens. Once he has started his journey, he is the same torpedo I mentioned earlier, which will destroy in any case, its all about where he strikes. So instead of fortifying our walls and fencing every entry, effort must be inserted in locating these safe heavens and destroying them along with their deadly arsenal of handlers and bombers alike.

Secondly, its clear that the bomber is brain washed and feeded with the spirit of doing a sin in the hide of a noble duty. Instead of waiting outside the doors for would be bombers, pre emption must be shown on this front. Text books must be edited to include topics involving terrorism and suicide bombing, and a clear version must be put forward for young minds at an early age, before being hijacked by the handlers psychologically. Same exercise must be extended to the Madrissah’s around Pakistan. Also campaign must be launched nation wide on media exposing this evil practice so that when approached, the young boys must have some idea in his mind to think away from what “”merchant of death” is feeding him/ her.

Lastly, the policy maker must have a joint declaration on policies which have proved as “soft belly” for these anti humans, so called TTP Jihadis use to mislead these brains. It can be the unconditional support to the ISAF or subjugation in front of the Americans. Its all about realization that we have had enough, so as Pakistan and in case more time is given to these devils, the foundation on which we have stood for 6 years will rattle out of control. Else we are already in a race against time in saving Pakistan.

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  1. It is a curse and cure is in decent education and economic stability. We need to eradicate poverty from rural and urban areas and take full control over mandatory primary and secondry education. If we continue to ignore we will have a bigger problem ahead.


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