Suffering from Black Magic

Many people are suffering in the world who have no idea that they are under the influence of Black Magic.

It is not recognized by many who suffer throughout their lives, clearly denying what is written in Quran and Hadith.

Black Magic leaves a person to suffer in a state that is painful or a situation that becomes painful as time goes on. It is usually done to separate husband and wife, to stop girls from getting married and to stop kids from studying.

A man and woman deeply in love will start hating each other for no reason, a beautiful girl will not get proposals and an intelligent child who gets good grades will suddenly lose interest in studies.

Black magic is on the rise because these people don’t realize that a person becomes a mushrik when he/she practices Black Magic. Snakes will do Black Magic on these people in hell till eternity.

35 thoughts on “Suffering from Black Magic”

  1. Salam aleykum bro my Allah bless you I have been suffering sihr separation so long, and I and my wife children are in painful, I keep beating sihr alhamdulillah my wife hate me so much I hate too my children are constantly sick it effect their learning Quran and school.
    I used to love my family couple years back now I hate I feel I have no control of my self, my wife miscarriage two times four months pregnant, we don’t sleep same room we can’t get close each other inshallah I need advise bi’idni Allah

  2. AssalamoAlaikum,
    Please let me have your contact #? My wife and i would like to discuss a matter with you please. I can not post it here.

  3. assalamu alaikkum,

    our whole family is under magic spell.i need those specific suras in quran which can be read daily to be get rid of it.

  4. Hi, peace on all. unfortunately, there is no way a spell can be voided except in a unique way. It is only by believing in One God( Allaah), and He has no associates. Your strong belief in Him, shall freed you from all evil spells and possessions.
    I would recommend you our website. please do go on it, then if you wouldn’t understand, got my email…, i shall help then by the Will of God (Allaah)
    Return to Him in repentance, He shall free you from all problems and heels you.
    Br. Nadim


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