Success in Career

Are you really that crazy to think that your career depends upon your skills and qualifications? Arrrgh. All those promotions, fringe benefits, perks, raises, bonuses, trainings, tours, vacations don’t depend upon your achievements or innovations. Ultimately it all boils down to the fact that how much your boss is happy with you.

If you are Bill Gates re-incarnated and have created your operating system which is 50 years better than Linux and light years better than Windows, but your boss considers you a pain in the neck, you are doomed and your career is sure to go down the drain.

Boss management is a skill which is inevitable if you want to succeed in your career at any stage. If you have this, all the vistas are wide open for you. You can get wonders for you, by just mastering this skill of keeping that fat, bald, mustached, jerk happy.

If your bossy is angry with you, or doesn’t like you that much, its hard that you would even get any fair chance to accomplish something worthwhile. You will rust to death, but wouldn’t be able to get any plum assignment, which could promote your career.

So now after all that bulls*it, what is the key to the heart of your boss? Here are some points which will make you fly higher, always.

Just let go your ego. Kill it. Don’t even think about self respect. Just become a yes man for the boss. Praise him like crazy. Nod on his every word. Show awe and utter glee upon his every suggestion. Just glued your eyes to his lips and give an intelligent frown after his every sentence and then write it down furiously on your notepad. And don’t forget to reveal the weaknesses and skirmishes of your coworkers to your boss.

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