Sublime Presidential Election

The grandeur and the empyrean presidential elections, which are inspiring awe from Southern coast to the Northern Durand Line are just a stone’s throw away and people are still wary about the credentials of the our beloved favorite candidate, the dementia suffering Mr. 100 Percent Asif Ali Zardari, who once also blacked the tickets outside of his father’s cinema.

But that was long time ago, and now the winds of time and the NRO of United States through Musharraf has dried him clean and he is now the leader of this dreadful nation. Forget all that inspirational quotes by the founding fathers about having a golden land blessed with honest leaders and all the crap about rosy future.

What lot have we have got right now at our hand. Should I say it impetuous, or shall we call it irascible, or let’s call it sentimental with vulgarity and profanity, or would it be more appropriate to term it as childishly brazen? Whatever it is the upcoming presidential elections in Pakistan are all set to be farce.

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