Strike at Core

The cruel and merciless tide of the suicide bombings has created a new redoubtable security threat to Pakistan’s survival and it is creating nothing but despair and gloom. With the recent suicide attack in many areas of the country, two in the capital within month, the number of such attacks in the country has risen to over 40 in a year. Year 2008, the year of returning democracy has seen the worst of the suicide attacks and yet there is no respite.

Suicide attacks are not new phenomena in Pakistan as country has suffered from 37 suicide attacks during last six years. But the investigation revealed that not a single but multiple militant and terrorist outfits like tribal Taliban, jihadist organizations and Al-Qaeda were involved in these incidents. But even then its the failure of security agencies that they are still unable to break the network.

Now as the operation is going on in the FATA and Swat region, government must make sure that the suicide bombers don’t get poured in the settled areas. This is the real problem for the law enforcement agencies to sort out the different groups, motives and tactics behind the attacks, and they must break the network.

2 thoughts on “Strike at Core”

  1. How did Israel stop terrorism? By spending more on security. That’s what we have to do. Hire more people. Install security cameras everywhere. Thoroughly check everyone who enters the major cities. Make it compulsory for every man and woman in the country to have an identity card. It can be done, if the will is there.

  2. Stop the Terrorists… Easier said than done ….. No offense but… easier said than done. Suicide Bomber. I happen to have seen the suicide bomber they captured in Nowshera Cantt a couple of months back …. and Oh my God …. he was just a boy ….. just a small little boy of hardly 15-16 yrs of age. An age of raging hormones and erratic decisions. Mix it with illitracy and a renegade Maulvi .. and VIOLA ….. there you have it .. A SUICICDE BOMBER. Of all the cases of suicide bomber captured, an interesting fact is that they are always between the age of 14 – 24. Easy to motivate, less likely to ask back any questions. Anyways, coming back to the issue of controlling them. Trust me, atleast under the present circumstances, it will be virtually impossible to control them. The intelligence agencies are working day and night to break the net, but these nets are working on such a de-centralized network, that even if a suicide bomber is captured, the only information he is able to provide is about his handler and the Maulvi sahab he probably has met on a disclosed loc and other than his description, which is mostly very similar in case of all Maulvis, no other information can be churned out of them.
    With the Raw material aval in abundance throughout the cty, in every faction of the society, the ones perpetrating will not find it very difficult to recruit more of these terror weapons. In the last couple of years, so many of these rings have been busted, but their semi – independent nature brings back no substantial gains. A suicide bomber as mentioned earlier is a chosen one that hardly comes in contact with anyone else in the organization.
    We so calmly state that the Security Agencies have failed. This is what happens when we just utter something as a general statement. It is just as my Barber while trimming my hair today said, with all the bombings in the country and the heat generated in them, the winters this year have been delayed”. The intelligence agencies are working day and ni…. i still remember that the person who carried out the Dargai (Punjab Regimental Center) back in 2006, the intelligence guys were on to him in a matter of two days. They not only apprehended him but also those who funded it. The response of the intelligence agencies is very prompt and proactive in nature. It is a cat and mouse game. At times, the mouse slips away. but as they say in the intelligence game…. you can run, but you can never hide


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