Stop this madness, in the name of thy Lord!

It is said that when you kill a man, you destroy an entire universe! Humans are like tiny grains of sand on the beach. When one life is taken away, the beach becomes a smaller place. But what you are doing has reduced the entire Island to a grain. Your vile actions have wiped off humanity. And what for?? You say, in the names of communism, capitalism, nationalism, fascism and your what-not jargon. Corrupting the human soul, you attribute it for a greater good: for civilization! How much more will you lie??!

While a genocide is in process in Rwanda, the masses are at a peace concert in the developed part of the world! Blinding them with with your propaganda, you have made fools of them! You think that for the purpose of building a civilized oasis of society for your cultured few, the millions who are savage in your dictionary, are justified to be killed. They take up your valuable space and cause redundant pollution, so good riddance to them!

Alas, your plot is perfect. You keep up pretension by opening up a few NGO’s here and there but that is because you are assured in your manipulation of the society; there is no way out of your intricately woven web of civilization.

Fall prey the earth may! In your NOBLE mission to cleanse this world-make it more technologically developed for your facilitation-what is the earth, but a pawn? It was created to facilitate your mission, not hinder. Isn’t this how you think? Global warming and other such terms are baseless jargon to you; a fiction of the minds of environmentalists who-according to you- are demented! Who cares if there are holes in the ozone and the ice-caps, that have been there since the beginning of time, melt! What does it matter to you and the mindless masses whose only conviction is your faith. But they are also moving closer to the guillotine.

In the name of thy Lord, stop this madness! Stop while there is still a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel! Or you will be lost like the infidel wife of Karenin who only thought of herself and created a delusional world for herself. She went down in madness and that is the fate of fools like you who achieve the state of self-deception that you are in!

Spending billions on researching into space, you deprive the trillions living under poverty line living right here on earth. Millions die every day of hunger and mild-illnesses. You can give them aid, but you’d rather spend the surplus amount you have collected from them on taking pictures oft the sky that you will print in textbooks! This is your development and your ideal civilization. Ignore the plight of millions for a past-time!

Climbing your corporate and other society ladders, even the literate few have become zombie’s. Congratulations on creating a box out of which no one can think! Your slogan of a quality life is for the privileged few, the rest can rot in the sun for all you care! Is this chaotic and mad or not!?
A connoisseur at making excuses, you destroy Iraq and say it was in search of weapons of mass destruction. You kill millions of innocent bystanders on the streets of Pakistan through suicide bombings and say it is Jihad! You refrain from declaring a genocide when all the evidence is there! Murdering Kashmiri’s, you say that somebody has to bear the brunt of a conflict and if it’s them poor Kashmiri’s, then too bad!?

In the end, I conclude that by upsetting the balance of nature, you have incurred its wrath. Soon, not only Bosnians, Palestinians and Serbians but all the world will step into the battlefield. And ignorant armies will once again clash by night!

p.s. this was a debate so excuse the excessive dramatism.

p.s.s. no specific country, group or person is being targeted. The above script is based on the general chaos around us.

3 thoughts on “Stop this madness, in the name of thy Lord!”

  1. @ mahrukh:undoubtedly a very serious affair that you have pointed 2,,nd a great expression 2,,bt i must say that we hav nw moved much further than d debate of white nd yellow race…the 3rd world countries hav misd ample time to establish themselves…like we hav wasted 63 yrs…whether we call it neo corporate devils or neo imperialist or yet another form of colonialism,,enough loop holes have been provided by us,,nd an ignorance 2ward global common is sumthing dat we all shud b ashamd of,,nice written

  2. Like someone once said and I quote “the world would have been a great place to live if it was not for everyone’s greed”. We need to move towards a global peace. A global society where tolerance prevails everything.


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