Stop the Blasts, President

The heart burns and eyes have dried up after watching routine suicide attacks throughout country, and no day goes by without any gory incident of suicide or bomb blast and the life has become hell. That and the daily bombardment of NATO and US forces in the tribal areas have also put a huge question mark on our independence and freedom.

Five more bodies were recovered from beneath the building devastated in the wake of the blast at Zangli check post, which has shot up the death toll to 35, while the relief activities continued for the whole night at Zangli check post. when a suicide bomber rammed his explosives-packed vehicle into the Zangali police post on the Kohat Road on Saturday exactly when lawmakers of the NWFP Assembly were casting their votes in the presidential election 20 kilometers away from the spot. The blast created around eight-foot-long and four-foot deep crater on the road and completely toppled three nearby markets, having around 40 shops. The bang rocked towns over 20 kilometers away from the spot.

Now Zardari has become the president and he enjoys government along with Awami National Party in the troubled and restive NWFP province, and now they have no excuse left. They have got full power and liberty and now it’s up to them to make the lives normal again for the people.

4 thoughts on “Stop the Blasts, President”

  1. The terrorism in NE India is also fomented by Pakistan. Everyone in the world knows that Pakistan is the breeding factory for terrorism all across the world. Except the Pakistanis. Or maybe they are blind to it.

    No wonder the US is bombing the hell out of the North West Frontier. And the jehadis are bombing the rest of the country.

  2. you are so right philip its but annoying and dreadful for the people of this country which are always between a rock and a hard place.

    I think the puppets that we have as leaders who are signalled from “those”neighbouring countries should go also “those” neighbourin countries should keep their clean their own backyard before mudslinging us.

    We are already weary of all that “drama” of neighbours and “a theatrical” performance within the country!

  3. Pakistan is reaping what it sowed. When it was busy breeding jehadis to fight in India and Afghanistan, it didnt realise that one day the same jehadis could turn against them.

    Its exactly what is happening today. No sympathies. Just wondering at the irony of the whole thing. Also sad that even today, Pakistan and its army/ISI doesnt realise the folly of arming the jehadis against neighbouring countries.

    Let the bombings continue.


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