Stop Rigging With Power of Vote

Anti-Pakistan forces and terrorist elements have no concern about the stability, integrity and survival of Pakistan. They thrive in chaos, and they flourish in anarchy. Their shady designs require an atmosphere of terror, uncertainty and ambiguity.

The US-led NATO invasion of Afghanistan and the emergence of a virulent campaign by terrorists to destabilize Pakistan have created a national threat that has really choked the Pakistan’s progress. In the cluster of nations, Pakistan has become a flashpoint, and the situation is getting alarming with rising suicide attacks and bomb blasts. Terrorists have engaged Pakistan’s security forces and suicide bombers have struck at various cities just to disintegrate Pakistan.

In these testing times, we shouldn’t fight with each other. Its good to see Benazir and Nawaz Sharif not colliding with each other, rather they are targeting the Quisling League. In the public meetings both the premier leaders are enjoying popular support with Nawaz Sharif having a clear lead, though he has been disqualified from the elections by a biased Election Commission

National consensus and mass mobilization is the need of hour A new Pakistan is needed It is imperative that a vision should be set for the country, and short term goals must be announced. Now as major parties are taking part in the elections, its is more important for people to participate in elections with full might. Taking part in these elections have their advantages as well as disadvantages but they should participate just to expose the planned rigging by PML-Q and its toadies.

Rigging for the elections 2008 has already been started with transfer and posting of judicial officials in Punjab and Balochistan, and appointments of returning officers on the recommendations of the candidates of Q-League and its allied parties. Lotas are trying hard to somehow get back to the assemblies.

Without an independent judiciary and neutral election commission, free and fair elections are as elusive as anything. Ban on media is also casting grave shadows over the legitimacy of the upcoming elections. But people should swim against the tide and topple the rigging with the power of vote.

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