Stop Feeling Low

We are all familiar with the doubting side of our personality. In fact, the negative voice within us is sometimes so loud that you can’t hear the other, positive voice. When you’re feeling low, List what you so well. Give yourself a credit for every talent that you have, no matter how trivial they you may perceive them to be. This can be a difficult task but when you list your strengths or good points, you are actually offering a rebuttal to your own self criticism… Once you are aware of the things that you are good at, they can be your resources, your confidence builders. If you have a knack for something, then use this skill since confidence seldom flourishes when we’re static or not developing as a person. It is important to keep polishing and expanding these skills. Many of us discover that once you’re utilising your strengths we can begin to relax about those inevitable shortcomings.

Constant self doubts and worries can wreck self confidence. If you find you are bogged down in self analysis or always obsessing about whether you meet certain standards of appearance or ability etc then it can be useful exercise to keep a record oh how many obsessing self critical thoughts that go through your mind in a week. These clobbering thoughts can chip away at your self esteem like an axe. It is an important effort to make a mental effort to keep them in check. Even just mentally saying STOP to yourself when these thoughts enter your head.

Of course, there is always room for improvement but self critical thinking rarely leads to positive action. Just remember to be kind to yourself and if there are things about yourself that you might like to improve upon then sit down and work out a realistic plan of action Ask for feedback from a good friend or counsellor ( if you want a totally objective opinion) and then aim to reach some your goals. Keep the gaols small to begin in.

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