Step Up To Challenge

I went to hike in the Margalla hills, Islamabad last week. I’ve been teaching myself to hike (and got pretty good, if I do say so myself) but for the first time ever, I decided to hire an instructor for a 2-hour private lesson.

He took a look at my style, fixed it on one or two points – and then it was time to learn to hike all at my own first time ever. That is pretty scary the first few times, but he managed to emphasize the fun and defuse the fear, mostly by not talking much about it but simply doing it.

Before hiking, talked at great lengths and my fear reduced due to doing it rather than talking about it, progressing at the right pace, just in time information – don’t tell me everything up front, teach me to enjoy it, rather than to do it perfectly and it boiled down to the passion for the thing.

So break that initial mental barrier and move through and beyond intense fear. Its all in your brain and if you over-power your false alarms of your brain, you can not only do it but also can enjoy it.

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