Stellar School System launch innovative schooling in Lahore

For the first time in Pakistan, young entrepreneurs Savail Meekal Hussain, Sikander Rashid Choudry, Jehanzeb Amin and Jalal Hussain have joined forces with Pakistan’s premier intellectuals, educationists and academics to bring to the country a brand new schooling experience, the Stellar School System, which features activity and technology based learning, an interactive and integrated curriculum, in-house teacher training programmes, state of the art campuses and the revolutionary concept of no admission fee combined with affordable tuition fees.

To that end, the school hosted four carnivals and open house events at their two campuses in March and were attended by Governer Khalid Maqbool, Imran Khan, Wasim Akram, NCA principle Nazish Ataullah, Human Rights activist I.A Rehman, Punjab University Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Mujahid Kamran, Mian Ejaz Ul Hasan, Prof Khalid Siddiqui, Ejaz Haider, Dr Sajid Maqbool and academic Ali Cheema to name a variety of personalities involved. . These events were open to all parents, teachers and students to come and be part of the Stellar schooling experience. The events comprised a selection of book stalls, interactive quizzes, puppet shows, singing, art and spelling competitions, school tours, food stalls, animal rides and much more. The vision behind these events was to promote learning on various levels, from the academic represented in quizzes to the extra curricular, represented in the singing and art competitions for instance. The first two Stellar School branches are exclusively for girls from class five onwards, with separate branches for boys.

The Stellar School System is unique in that its faculty and directors all boast both a historical and current relationship with education in Pakistan. The advisory board for instance, includes Pakistan’s premier economist Dr Akmal Hussain, leading Professor Shahista Sirajuddin who is the currently serving as chairperson of the Department of English and Dean of the Arts and Humanities at the Punjab University, eminent mathematics teacher and teacher trainer Tariq Waheed and the eminent Mrs. Sonnu Rahman, leading educationist and daughter of Professor G.D Sondhi, the first Indian principal of Government College, Lahore. Furthermore, the management of Stellar is in the hands of seasoned professionals such as Ahmed Adeel who has over seventeen years’ experience in the education industry, having established over thirty schools in Pakistan and overseas.

The Stellar School System aims to revolutionise the primary and secondary school system in Pakistan by investing in the future to provide high quality education and instilling humane and progressive values and norms in today’s youth thereby enabling future generations to become productive and responsible citizens of the world. Join Stellar to champion the cause of education in Pakistan – Dare to Dream.

Event Details:

– 22nd and 23rd March: Stellar School System, Gulberg Branch, 10 B1

– 29th and 30th March: Stellar School System, Johar Town Branch, 4 E/1

Timings: 11 am – 5 pm

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    Education is quite simply the most important thing for society.


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