Stealing the Art

Since the time that upcoming albums of major bands and artists have created an uproar of endless rumors and gossips, the worst nightmares of musicians have come true and their albums have been released illegally before their official launch.

With the advent of the internet, this has become a wide spread phenomenon, even in Pakistan with artists bemoaning that their albums have been leaked on the Net, hence endangering their record sales. Their listeners raise eyebrows, asking why should the musicians care, especially when they aren’t going to receive royalties from their album sales.

What is hoped is that the music industry works as a whole with the government to successfully introduce and enforce legislation that will help pave the way for record deals to include payment of royalties as well, which is the basis of musicians’ income throughout the world. To create a solid platform for the music industry, a change in the way things are normally done here must take place to ensure the growth of the industry and to encourage musicians of all genres to release their albums in local markets than looking for greener pastures elsewhere.

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