Steadfast Lawyers

Whenever lawyers stage a protest in the favour of deposed judges, Islamabad Police calls for the world’s most formidable police force, the Punjab Puls. As soon as the Punjab Puls comes, all hell breaks loose. Tear gas and baton charges looks like a child’s play when you see Punjab Puls in action.

Lawyers have been protesting for the last 11 months and some days, and their numbers are growing by day, as the civil society and political activists are joining them, and despite of atrocities against the lawyers and the harsh attitude towards, them they are still very much strong in their resolve and they are not receding from their stanch stance.

They have set a precedence and it’s such a precedence which is simply awesome in the current environment and after the 9th March last year, they have given Pakistan a hope. A hope which comprises of democracy, passion, strive for the basic rights and it has reinvigorate the otherwise sleepy Pakistani nation.

Political parties have got a golden chance due to lawyers movement to once again prove their still unproved mettle.

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  1. We should salute the lawyers of Pakistan. I can see that this is a movement to oust Musharraf, and once the number of protesters reaches the critical mass, the police will not be able to contain them. I have seen it happening to Ayub & Bhutto. Musharraf should seriously think of quitting.


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