State sponsored discrimination

In order to eliminate any form of discrimination from any society, the factors of utmost significance are socio, economic and political development of that area. Political empowerment grants the community to understand what is better and what’s not. This way the society starts evaluating plans and tactics that enable them to prosper resulting in abolishment of discriminations. It is regrettable to mention that in Pakistan it has been the central successive governments that have ignored the maturation of various projects in Balochistan.

Since long the capital in an intolerable way has concealed its discriminatory policies by accusing the Baloch themselves for their dismay. But with deeper glance at the statistics of developmental sector in Balochistan, it can be perceived that the governments have intentionally ignored this region in order to gain strategic benefits out of geo-strategic location of the province that include its immense resources. Health facilities, education sector, political upbringing, communication and economic maturation provide enough evidence of state sponsored discrimination.

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