State of Shock

While the world cheers and pass new year resolutions; the infants, young girls, women, old men are being beaten and killed by the ruthless most criminal army in the world. I am shocked even further that no Muslim country has the guts to rise and speak against this hegemony and hedonistic attitude of Zionists against the Muslims in Gaza. While 80% of the total oil reserves, countless other wealths are spread in almost 57 muslim states in the world they cannot say one word to these war mongers and threaten them the same way? Its but a shame.

While many other Muslim countries like Iran, Syria, Somalia and Pakistan are also being on hit list for preemptive strikes as the super elitist leaders of these countries are busy in accumulating wealth or asking for safe passages after crimes committed against their own people! Iran may be excluded. This is such a curse on us that it cannot be removed by any amount of words. Its time that people rise to dislodge all these traitors and start working towards a trans-Islamic state that extends from Gibraltars to Asia minor.

This is the only way to save us from the conspiracies of hate filled callous regimes of the west.

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