Staring – National sport of developing countries?

Why is everyone in developing countries obsessed with staring? From man to woman, young and old, people just love to stare. Only when you stare back do they get it. Personally, the only time I don’t mind is if a girl around my age stares at me (early twenties) but when I see men staring at me I can’t help thinking that they are gay or something, and when I see women staring, who seem well over forty, it makes me feel sick.

Even burka clad women stare, which makes me think why they chose to wear the burka in the first place. I mean, if they are so modest, why to they stare at other guys, especially younger than them. Is lowering the gaze only for guys? The only reason I am bringing religion here is because a women who wears a burka gives a big statement about her religiousness.

In the West I felt a lot more comfortable because I could actually walk the street everyday and go to places knowing that not every single living being is staring at me.

4 thoughts on “Staring – National sport of developing countries?”

  1. You are young, so you don’t know that in the fifties and sixties most prostitutes and women going out with boyfriends invariably wore the burkha. Of course, the burkha was widely worn by women from low-income families also. Now, however, you find rich, educated women also fully covered and I believe this is partly due to the anti-Muslim bias of Westerners after 9/11. Another reason is the proliferation of Islamic channels which strongly advocate purdah.

  2. Staring is a national pastime in Asian countries. Maybe they have never seen anyone as handsome as you, that’s why the girls (in burkha or without burkha) stare at you 😉


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