Stag Alert!

Stag AlertThe fast growing awareness concerning security threats has ensured fast growing security measures especially in public places. And most of these security measures target men, a major yay for women, and especially the unescorted men ahan the ‘stags’! All you men out there feel discriminated for once eh?

Hassan Waqar:
Ruthless Law!

Hussain Raza:
Why us, don’t we have a heart :’(

Ahmed Jamal:
Be water; just go with the flow…

Stags should not be allowed at all! ANYHWERE!

Omer Sheikh:
Bring your own girl and quit the complaining.

That is one major reason why I don’t attend concerts.

Salman Ameen:
Stags should be allowed, just like everyone else is.

Usama Sher:
Not fair 🙁

Ali Asghar:
It seems like a rather wrong way of losing business.

Ali Hammad (Hangout Media Production’s Marketing Executive):
Personally it is a good way to keep the desperate out!

However professionally speaking it is the stags that sell out any event; they will go anywhere and everywhere till it is not their own house.

Not every event is racist towards stags. The decision is taken while planning the event, it depends on what sort of event it is and what ambience are we trying to create at the event. The family events or the student inclined event usually go better with no stags allowed since we want things to be comfortable at such events, no misbehaving etc.

In the recent past another factor that has gained importance is security. Events with stags allowed seem not only Herculean to organize but even tougher to execute smoothly. So might as well give them ‘Stags not allowed!’ n go nananana to the girl-less folks.

Nadir Tahir (Manager Local Restaurant):
Security has redefined outdoor life to a great extent. Socializing is not only about going out and having a great time with friends and family but also about getting back home safe and alive. Though we reserve the right to admission but we can’t ban stags entirely since that would cause a major uproar and also will affect the business to a very large extent. However we do discourage them greatly and adamantly now. And one way of doing that is that we have limited the time of idle sitting and chatting. There are are eating places that have specified themselves as family restricted places that in itself goes to say ‘Stags not allowed!’

Kashif Chaudhry (Security In-charge Local Hotel):
We wish we could declare this place ‘Stags not allowed!’ but we cannot. There are people going in and out all the time and not everyone travels with family. It is not only the people staying at the hotel, there are the business executives using boardrooms, then there are the halls being used. There is such diverse use of our premises that restriction is not an option. However our rigorous security plan has worked till now.

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