Spitting Red


Neat grey patch of cemented path, where my eyes was focused, was suddenly splashed with red. I looked up and saw the source of hideous noise and creator of such an artistic pattern on the side of road. He upon seeing a woman staring at him gave me a leery smile, probably thinking that I must be impressed with his creativity. Thankfully, the traffic signal turned green and my car sped away.

Call it my lack of artistic eye but I seriously don’t find those red patterns on walls and road a thing of beauty. I guess our government do, since they have no serious objection regarding this, infact it’s quite popular among the government people as well. If ever get lucky enough to go to Civic Center, you’ll see abstracts of various paan-eaters on the wall, some so intense that true color of wall is well hidden under layers upon layers of paan peek, must tell you, it’s very fascinating to look at!

I have no serious issues with eating paans, I mean it’s their teeth and if they like them to look maroon or yellowish than hey, it’s a free country. But roads and walking paths are public property and I know there are plenty of boring un-artistic people like me who are not into colorful foot paths and would find it more appealing if not every third person on the road is spitting red.

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  1. Seriously…its so disgusting seeing all that red spit everywhere…especially when if we have to walk anywhere….we end up walking as if we’re doing a hopscotch when trying to avoid the nasty red spit…something really should be done about it.


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