Spend on your wife and kids

A woman cooks, cleans, takes care of the kids and what not, and yet husband’s think twice before giving their wife money to spend and on top of that tell her that she spends too much. Too much is usually a small percentage of what they themselves spend.

Men are willing to spend on their parents and their brothers and sisters but when it comes to spending on their wife men become misers. When it’s time to spend on kids they begin teaching them the value of money. When these kids grow up and stop visiting their fathers, these fathers themselves learn the “value” of money.

Life is meant to be enjoyed. How can a person enjoy life when he is always meditating on the amount he has in his bank and the idea of spending gives him nightmares.

People today do not know what’s important. To know, imagine yourself on your deathbed. What are you wishing for now? I’m sure it’s not that I wish I would have saved more money.

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