Solution for Current Restiveness

If anybody asks me as what is that elixir or magic wand which could solve all the problems of Pakistan and put the sense back in the country in no time with single sweep, then my answer would be, without reluctance, is the removal of President Pervez Musharraf from the top.

I think that the removal (through impeachment, resignation, etc) of Pervez Musharraf is more important than the reinstatement of judiciary or any other so-called issue.

The thing is that the nation voted for change on 18th February, and the change will not occur until and unless President General (r) Pervez Musharraf leaves the rule, because he will not stop from creating different issues for the new coalition government of Pakistan Democratic Alliance, and these Sher Afgans, Arbabs and Chaudharies will vanish in no time as soon as Musharraf leaves.

Pakistan People’s Party should also take heart and they must leave this dual standard policy, and they should honor the mandate of nation and along with PML-N try to oust the President at once.

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