Solo or Team Player

Just one of the many problems with the whole team player thing is that you (the one accused of NOT being one) have almost no defense against it. In the business world (except at the top or in certain industries), team players are thought to be filled with inherent goodness. Those who challenge the status quo against the team are viewed as hurting the culture and productivity of the team. Mavericks, they call them. Cowboys. Lone wolfs. Trouble makers. That’s not completely untrue. Teams where everyone is completely in sync with little disagreement are more productive.

But the question is… productive at what? Because team think usually promotes doing things exactly the way they’ve always done them. Team thinking leads to incremental improvement and they prevent revolutionary ideas. Revolutionary thoughts are, by definition, thinking outside the team. I can work both as a team player and solo fighter. But I prefer the solo thingie.

Whats your preference? Do you like to work in a team, or prefer it solo?

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