Solidarity With Kashmiris

Pakistan and Kashmir are not two regions, rather they are one. Pakistanis cannot forget Kashmiris and Kashmiris cannot forget Pakistan. They are part and parcel of each other and their centuries long traditions are tied up in unbreakable bond and Pakistanis have an unshakable resolve to support the struggle of Kashmiris to get freedom from Indians.

Today is 5th February and Pakistan and the world is showing solidarity with the Kashmir. The day is a public holiday in the country and all government offices, banks, educational institutions and businesses remain closed. Banners have been put up in bazaars and streets to express solidarity with the Kashmiris. The day began with special prayers for the Kashmir cause at mosques. Rallies and processions are being organized in the federal and provincial capitals, divisional, district and Tehsil headquarters across the country.

India must remember that it cannot suppress the Kashmiri freedom movement for too long and despite of putting every resource and propaganda in the valley of Kashmir they have to let go the people according to their whims and aspirations. Pakistan stand firm for the support for Kashmiris, and the time is very near when the Kashmir will be part of Pakistan.

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