Software Development

Software developers are not entirely without responsibilities! Constantly shopping for the latest haxx0r fashions, getting the newest T-shirts, and cultivating that special smell can be just some of the challenges required of a Professional Developer Flunky (PDF). Sometimes, the l33t c0dER will have to patiently explain to the MBA idiot just exactly what a “flag” is and why you would want to set one. And then, the l33t PhReAK will have to patiently explain to the MBA idiot exactly why you don’t want to just set a flag at any old time, but that it has to be at a special time, like when the flag actually needs to be set for the particular situation, and not just because the MBA idiot decided that it might be a really cool thing to do because in his expert extensive 3-day Visual Basic Jump Start with Billy course he was taught how to be a real CODER$ and now knows exactly what the bug is in the first place that the rogue tester “found” in the code and hence is delaying his shipping bonus with.

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  1. Even you had to suffer this so many times. And more importantly the persons asking from you will not even have a MBA like degree.


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