Soft Target

The Karachi riots have proved yet once again that it’s an easy target for the terrorists from across the border. Karachi is a soft target, now both the Karachiites and the analysts say openly and even the government admits it. Anybody can walk into the hotels, the hospitals, the bus stations, cinemas, roads, markets, and even in the police stations and start threatening people without any fear or intimidation, while the police watches indifferently.

Recent Karachi riots have left everybody numb and frustrated. In the name of eradicating talibanization, the MQM has started targeting a specific community of the people, who do all the petty work in Karachi.

If not MQM, then who exactly is responsible for Karachi violence in which many people lost their lives? Who is responsible for damage of millions of rupees property? Who should be held responsible for loss of revenue and also for affected business activities? If we do have answer then it is a very serious matter. Is this a failure of the federal government and all its agencies?

Where is Shoaib Suddle and Rehman Malik?

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