Socrates and Democracy

The most influential philosopher of ages, Socrates consciously strove to perceive the truth after widespread vagueness prevailed over moral and ethical issues during his days.

Socrates had outstanding understanding of ethics and morality and enjoyed exposing the double standards, practiced by the then high profile class and in religious institutes. This habit of Socrates created him more foes than friends and ultimately resulted in fatal trial.

After the award of death sentence to Socrates, his followers started endeavouring to get his sentence cancelled and went to those at the helms of the affairs. The authorities argued that Socrates has corrupted the Athenian youth and he speaks against beliefs and gods of the masses. That is why he has rightly been sentenced to death? When nothing else worked the followers of Socrates resorted to requests and appeals that his life be spared.

Authorities agreed that they will let go of Socrates only if he apologises. Happy on their success, supporters came to Socrates and narrated how the negotiations had gone asking him to make an apology. No way! Socrates would not budge.

“You are unreasonably defying,” they bickered. “No I am not. You want that I should apologies from these egalitarians. Never! I prefer death over apologizing from those lovers of democracy.” He told them the truth.

Socrates drank poison calmly, never reneging upon his beliefs in front of democracy aficionados. What were the views to Socrates about democrats most of us do not know.

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