“Smuggleristan” or “Corruptistan”?

As usual, the government has penalized the industrialists who are desperately trying to run their factories. By increasing sales tax,
withholding tax, tax on electricity bills, salaries, and other measures, the authorities have dealt a death blow to the already sick
industrial sector of the country.

At the same time, nothing has been done to tax those who are looting the country. The smugglers and those who indulge in under-invoicing and mis-declaration of imported goods have not been touched. Neither have the retailers been taxed.
Absolutely no steps have been taken to generate employment.

Instead of revenue, this budget will generate more thieves, robbers and smugglers. But then, in the words of the Prime Minister, they are also “honourable men”, like the hoarders and black-marketeers. Why not re-name the country “Smuggleristan” or “Corruptistan”?

1 thought on ““Smuggleristan” or “Corruptistan”?”

  1. This is true infact in so many ways. Specially after the recent NRO convenience everything seems to be goin downhill , its not about expectations from a recent govt is just that ecen expecting anything from these ppl seems a big mistake !


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